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Premature Babies in NICUs at Risk from Tobacco Toxins Brought in on the Clothes and Skin

A new study warns that premature babies in intensive care are being exposed to harmful toxins from tobacco brought in on the clothes and skin of smokers. In spite of being in clean and sterile rooms, vulnerable newborns in incubators are still being exposed to thirdhand smoke residue linked to heart and lung diseases. These toxins are easily transported and …

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Kangaroo Care Benefits Preemies — Results 20 Years Later

A new study reveals that skin-to-skin are brings both immediate and longterm benefits for preemies compared to those who receive traditional incubator care alone. With Kangaroo Care, a premature baby is held against parents’ chest, skin-to-skin, as soon as possible after birth and for a prolonged period of time. This is extremely beneficial for newborns as well. Though it’s a …

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Hello everybody! After many years I was finally able to attend the Trainers’ Meeting and General Assembly in Paris in October-November this year. I traveled with our Trainer from Arizona, Olga Morris, who was a wonderful traveling companion and became a close friend; we had a great time together. Our Trainer from Venezuela (and my good friend), Andreina, made sure …

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How an Infant’s Brain Decodes Social Behavior

Infants’ brains can understand what they are observing and thus can copy other people’s action, finds a study providing evidence that directly links neural responses from the motor system to overt social behavior in infants. Babies understand what they are observing. There is a direct connection between observing others, understanding what others are doing, and learning how to act — …

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Music Therapy Helps Preemie Babies Thrive

Music therapy analysis, of over a dozen clinical trials, found that music therapy helped stabilize premature newborns’ breathing rate during their time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). For the most part, music therapy involved mothers singing to their babies (though some studies used recordings of mom’s voice). And that’s key, the researchers said. Researcher Lucja Bieleninik, a postdoctoral …

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Moms’ Language Affects How Infants Cry

An interesting study finds that babies’ crying has melodic patterns that are influenced by their mother’s language. During the last quarter of pregnancy, the babies get ample opportunity to become acquainted with their “mother language.”  Kathleen Wermke, professor at the University of Wurzburg in Germany, says, “Building blocks for the development of the future language are acquired from the moment …

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The Importance of Skin Stimulation

Throw away gadgets. Discard expert opinions. Forget the toys to stimulate intelligence. Don’t buy devices to simulate what is real. Return to the real. Connect with your children heart-to-heart. Let them gaze at you, at trees and water and sky. Let them feel their pain. Feel it with them. Touch them with your hands, your eyes and your heart. Let …

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Keep your life simple and serenity will follow. Like a small country with little need for supersonic travel, a simple life has little need for tension and stress. Give your children yourself and the need for things will be minimal. —Vimala McClure from The Tao of Motherhood         Research shows that simply touching, or caressing a newborn is critical …

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Scientists Find that Babies Don’t Just Look Cute…

Babies appeal to all our senses and even smell cute, triggering key parental behaviors Cuteness supports key parental capacities by igniting fast brain activity followed by slower processing in large brain networks also involved in play, empathy, and perhaps even higher-order moral emotions. What is it about the sight of an infant that makes almost everyone crack a smile? Big …

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A NICU is Using Mothers’ Voices To Help Babies

 Therapists at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital are using mothers’ voices to care for premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. The babies are born several weeks premature in many cases, so music therapists simulate the sounds a baby would hear in the womb during the third trimester. Nurses play the infants personalized playlists at least four times a day. …

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Dear friends and colleagues all over the world, I want to take this time to update you on some good news and ask for your help. The new edition of Infant Massage: a Handbook for Loving Parents will be released by Random House in February, 2017. They will be marketing the “foreign rights” — that’s publishers in other countries and …

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Baby’s Crying Alters the Way Parents’ Brains Work

The sound of a baby crying is something that instantly demands our attention as we try to find out whether they are hungry, tired, too hot or cold, need their diaper  changed, are in pain, or are simply overwhelmed. A study has revealed that the tearful screaming of a young child can actually alter the way parents think and act. …

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