Our Structure

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The Beautiful Flower of IAIM

Our flower is a symbol of how IAIM is structured. We see parents and babies in the center of a circle which opens up into a flower. Our association is organized into six petals of equal importance that surround the families we work with. Babies and parents have always been the center of our work.

Notice that everything in the flower is in contact with everything else. The beauty of the whole depends on each part being related to the other, working together, and serving the center. The design, and our structure, recognizes no hierarchy within our association.

Each of us contributes to the mission of IAIM and creates the beauty of the whole, the beauty of a world of hope for babies, children and parents that are the foundation of society

Parents and Babies

Babies and parents have always been the center of our work. We see “parents” as including foster parents, children’s home and orphanage direct-care staff, and 24 hour caretakers. We see these parents and babies in the center of a circle which opens up into a flower.

IAIM Instructors

Instructors are certified by an IAIM Trainer. To certify, instructors attend a four-day training with an IAIM Trainer, and successfully complete their exam, evaluations, and practice courses with families. Certified instructors teach Infant Massage to parents or direct caregivers with their babies. Instructors are qualified to promote the IAIM Program via media and live presentations about Infant Massage with the goal of bringing parents to courses. Instructors must respect the IAIM policies and procedures to remain a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) with the IAIM.

IAIM  Chapters

Certified Infant Massage Instructors work together to form an official IAIM Chapter, within their country. Chapters are non-profit and member-led associations that respect IAIM’s policies and procedures, as well as their own countries’ laws for non-profit associations. Each Chapter has a board and/or committees elected by the Chapter’s members. Chapters are responsible for supporting the growth and development of their own association. Growth support includes and is not limited to: published Chapter newsletters, regular Chapter meetings, educational conferences and the sale/distribution of materials to support Instructors (i.e. dolls, marketing materials, t-shirts, etc.).

IAIM General Assembly

The General Assembly is a forum of Chapter Representatives that are appointed by each Chapter’s board or members. The General Assembly uses a voting process and is responsible for electing the International Board; voting on guidelines for the international budget, IAIM contracts, and establishing links between the Chapters and the International Board are among the activities executed. Between General Assembly meetings, work is done through email and the postal service. Anyone is welcome to attend the General Assembly, but only one Chapter Representative per Chapter can vote. Chapter Representatives are responsible for bringing information from their Chapter to the International Board and vice versa. They are responsible for bringing information from the international newsletter to their Chapter’s members. They should be present at the General Assembly. Should a Chapter Representative not be present at a General Assembly, a substitute representative should be appointed.

IAIM Board

The International Board is responsible for supporting and making possible the growth and development of the IAIM. In addition, the Board is responsible for the business aspects of the IAIM. The International Board services and answers to the General Assembly, ensures that the IAIM Mission Statement is promoted, and works on projects proposed by the General Assembly. The International Board also helps to establish and form new Chapters. Additionally, the International Board is responsible for the international newsletter. They work closely with the International Educational Board members and the Chapter Representatives. The International Board answers and supervises international inquiries regarding training and the forming of new Chapters.

IAIM Education Committee

The IAIM Education Committee is responsible for all IAIM educational aspects and has two committees: the Committee for Trainer Candidates (CTC) and the Committee for Continuing Education (CCE). All IAIM Education Committees work in collaboration with the IAIM Education Coordinator and in collaboration with all other education officers in each IAIM Chapter.

IAIM Circle of Trainers

All IAIM Trainers are part of the IAIM Circle of Trainers. International Trainers are certified by the IAIM Committee for Trainer Candidates (CTC). Before certification, Trainer Candidates complete all the necessary requirements as established by the IAIM Educational Committee. Once certified, Trainers are responsible for training Instructors in accordance with the IAIM Mission Statement, the IAIM International Bylaws, the IAIM International Policies and Procedures, as well as the guidelines established by the Circle of Trainers. They also work closely with their own Chapter’s regulations and policies. IAIM International Trainers attend biannual Circle of Trainers’ Meetings. At the meetings, they are offered continuing education courses and a chance to review professional requirements. They are also given the responsibility of revising the exam and core curriculum, and of discussing the evolution and adjustment of the IAIM Program. IAIM International Trainers are supported by the Continuing Educational Committee and work in cooperation with the CTC on training and supervising IAIM International Trainers.

All the petals of our organizational flower support each other. It is in working together that we form a beautiful and dynamic blossom and a successful organization.

IAIM MISSION: The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.