General Assemblies

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Flags represent the many IAIM Chapters and forming chapters in 2006

IAIM International General Assemblies:

1992 – Orlando, Florida, USA
1994 – Copenhagen, Denmark
1996 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1998 – London, England, UK
2002 – Budapest, Hungary
2004 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2006 – Barcelona, Spain
2008 – Denver, Colorado, USA
2010 – London, England, UK
2012 – Lisbon, Portugal
2014 – Punta Leona, Costa Rica
2016 – Paris, France
2018 – Coming: October: Madrid, Spain.

General Assemblies

IAIM General Assemblies are held every two years at the same time as our international IAIM Educational Conference. For two days, the Chapter Representatives and supporting members work out the direction and guidelines for our organization. Colorful and exciting, warm and welcoming, our Bi-annual IAIM Educational Conferences and General Assemblies attract CIMIs, Trainers, parents and professionals from around the world to learn, share, grow and lead.

Chapters and Contact Persons

IAIM is represented in many countries around the world in one of two ways:


An IAIM Chapter is a legal entity established and registered in a country as a non-profit organization. All Chapters respect the policies and procedures of IAIM. A chapter is formed by a group of Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) coming together in that country.

Each country’s Chapter is represented by a Chapter Representative who is usually elected by the members of that Chapter. The Chapter Representatives attend all the General Assembly meetings to participate in the IAIM decision-making process and represent their country Chapter.

Chapters have boards, generally elected by the Chapter’s members. Each board is responsible for supporting the growth and development of IAIM in their country. The board also supports instructors and members with newsletters, warehouses with resources for instructors, and regular meetings.

Countries are only allowed one Chapter per country, unless certain circumstances exist and more than one Chapter is approved by the General Assembly.

Contact Person

A Contact Person represents a country until a Chapter can be formed and is responsible for helping organize and support trainings and working towards bringing CIMIs together to form a Chapter.

Chapter Representatives and Contact Persons are responsible for providing information from the CIMIs in their country to the International Board. They are also responsible for sharing information from the International Board, e.g. newsletters, with their CIMIs.

Click here for contact information for IAIM Chapter Representatives and IAIM Contact Persons.


IAIM MISSION: The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.